Museum of Arts is one of the topmost museums in Europe. It has huge collections of works done successfully by several artists. Especially Kunsthaus is especially more strong in Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, and Modern Schools etc. There is a list of works specifically from a school name ‘Dada’ which begun scratch from Zurich. The works of living artists is a great mission and one can find changing exhibits of contemporary sculptures. There are more than three hundred and sixty species that live in the mysterious world of the Zurich zoo which is a well-known place in the Europe. There is a list of animals such as snow leopards along with the rocky Himalayan landscape, the penguins swimming in chilly water and one can spot flying foxes throughout the thirteen thousand square meters of tropical forest. Bellerive Museum is one of the most important museums in Switzerland that explore various topic and themes exclusively moving in terms of art and design and throughout the various historical places. There are about two hundred historic musical instruments and other specialties include textiles, modern ceramics, and marionettes especially designed by the 20th-century artists. There are valuable examples of ceramics and most of the works are said to be from Art Nouveau era.