A Brief Sketch about Zurich

The beautiful city of Zurich lies in the heart of Europe and at the center of Switzerland. There is a variety of activities in order to attract the guests globally. Any mode of transportation such as train, plane or vehicle can be used to reach this place. About one hundred and fifty destinations are connected directly to its international airport. More than four lakhs folks live in this business center. The railway station is considered as the central European railroad hub. It is a well-known place for study and research and it stands at its top quality infrastructure throughout its natural surroundings.


Zurich’s Main Street – A famous one

This street is one of the busy streets stretching from the Bahnhof to the Burklipltaz at the head of the lake. The thousand two hundred meter street is one of the alluring shopping streets in Europe, surrounded by fountains, public art, trees and marvelous buildings. This middle section of the street was built in the year 1867 and most of the interesting buildings started from the 20th century.


Grossmunster- A popular Church

The Grossmunster church is one of the famous churches and it was founded by Charlemagne. The church is surrounded by famous twin towers and it is often considered as the most recognizable one in Zurich. There are many different upgrades to its original 12th-century version. There are is a list of modern additions to the church which include stained glass by a famous artist named Augusto Giacommetti and the Bronze sculpted doors by Otto Munch.


Swiss National Museum- An Amazing Museum

This museum is a most famous one from that of the traditional days to the present. It was built in the year 1898 by the great Gustav Gull in the form of a French chateau. An interesting fact is that it contains a series of unique pieces which is similar to that of an armory tower. A huge historical collection of Swiss coins started from the middle ages and the gothic art collection round out the unique excellent museum.

Features about Zurich Hotel

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